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Volgin's Day Out

June 2009

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Raikov ?

imre_nico in the_vicious_pet

TVP: Chapter 65.5


Got to take some blows
on the stepping stones

Speak in extremes
It'll save you time

You were a saint abroad

But a devil at home

Come on over here
And kiss it for me

(David Bowie)

Chapter 65.5

[Codec click]

“…Akula here.”

“I need some grounding work.”

“Well, well. If it isn’t the Loveless One. How’s the heart breaking today?”



“I’m not breaking anyone’s heart, Akula.”

“…I meant your own.”

“Ground me.”

“Bitter yet?”

“No. If I were, I wouldn’t be calling. I need you to unsweeten my tea.”



“…It will come, Ivan. It comes to all of us. Never doubt that.”

“In the mean time, my heels are slipping, Akula. And it’s a very deep sea.”


“What’s the issue? In shorthand.”

“I went off-target. By necessity. For several weeks.”


“Did some co-agent bonding.”

“Nothing wrong with that. Helps morale and cements loyalties all that chush. What’s the rub?”

“It’s turning out…overly covalent.”

“What are you telling me? You’re no amateur, Tsianid. You should be able to juggle this.”

“I can, and I am, Akula-”

“Well then-”

“ –it’s never been this hard. I was forced to take action in front of him. I had no choice-”

“…Has it affected your ability to focus on the target?”

“…To an extent.”

“Then take a lesson from another working breed. Don’t let anyone pet you while you’re working.”

“I’m a man, not a fucking guide dog.”

“To them you are, Tsianid.”

“Forget it, Akula. I’m cutting loose now. And it’s EVA.”

“…Who gave you that handle? No good. It’s too close.”

“It’s a little late for constructive criticism. I’m in place already. Deep in place.”

“…be heartless, then.”

“Da. Heartless, Akula.”

“You have a gift, you know, Man’s Ruin.”


“Tsianid…be good.”

“…I am.”


So intriguing~! I wonder how Raikov'll handle this little situation...
Ooooh, I was so happy to return home and find these new chapters begging to be read. ♥ I am very excited about how you're going to develop the story from here on!

(Needless to say, I really liked the previous chapter in which Raikov's and Ocelot's last undistrubed night was mentioned inbetween - it was so sensual and fit in so nicely with the rest that was going on! ♥)

Keep up the good work! :3 +thumbs up+
LOL, “Ground me.” What an interesting choice of words. Considering Volgin and all that. Love it, this is me cheering over here. {cuddles Volgin. carefully}
Hello! I just recently found your fic, it came highly recommended. I'm not usually much of a reader 'cause it's sometimes a chore (due to my dyslexia), but not with yours-- your fic had me enthralled day after day for nearly two weeks; I could hardly wait for my next lunch break just so I could read the next installment about the Majors!

I've caught up through your most recent chapters now, and I cannot wait to see where you take the story from here! You write so beautifully, so vividly, so effectively... I know it's not canon, but the way you write it, IT VERY WELL COULD BE. I love how you've placed your story so flawlessly into Kojima's. It doesn't step on any toes or undermine the original plot, it's just a really great elaboration.

Having recently played MGS4, I decided to go back and replay the entire franchise in chronological order, which brought me back to one of my faves, of course, MGS3. It'd been a while since I first played it, so my love has been recently rekindled. I had only ever focused on VolginxRaikov and Ocelot's fixation on Big Boss before... I had never considered anything for Raikov beyond Volgin's outrageous acts of PDA.

Raikov was never a character who was bound for development, considering he was put there as a Raiden in-joke, but you've done just that! You've given Raikov a backstory, a place in the story right beside ADAM, and you've connected it all in a plausible way that I adore. I'm also fascinated by your exploration into Ocelot's abilities and parentage. <3

And I LOVE your Ocelot team! I found myself laughing at all of their shenanigans, you made them into such great characters.

Anyway, I apologize for the long winded comment and unsolicited fangirling, I just wanted to voice my appreciation for your creation here. I have fallen in love with the Majors together because of this fic, you've opened my eyes to such a wonderful possibility~ AND the smut is quite hot, not to put too fine a point on it!

Lastly, I notice that you're a fellow Seattleite! (satellite lol?) It's nice to meet another local fan!

Thanks a bunch,
Dude! You're from Seattle?! Oh wow, allow me to squeal a little. How surreal.

Sorry it took me several days to respond to this very nice and gracious note- I have a rather silly and tumultuous career.

I have totally tried to remain faithful to telling a plausible shadow side of the game, which I think is way more thought-provoking and valuable than a lazy AU, or a convenient retconning of the elements of the original.

Happily, Kojima leaves so much ambiguous, it is really fun to play with his loose ends. Hmm, that sounded rather unappealing, phrased so.

Response has been really positive, which makes me happy.

An isolated few people have said they wanted more "plot" early on, and objected to the large amount of interpersonal exposition in developing the relationship between Ocelot and Raikov, before the actual trajectory of the game begins- but I think it's absolutely essential.

If I'm not only fleshing out an undeveloped cipher like Raikov from wholecloth, but also asking the reader to believe that Raikov and Ocelot are involved and have a deep and symbiotic rapport, there needs to be credible grounds for willing suspension of disbelief, before any convoluted alter-plot gets underway.

I mean, I could create some device like a time machine or a time paradox and throw them together, or just say "There it is, I said it, so believe in it", but that would ultimately not have the same emotional payoff, or narrative richness in the end. At least as I see it.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to whether you're a genre fan or a literature fan.

I like texture, myself, and multiple layers of meaning. >;.)

Thanks so much for commenting- I like knowing people are into it, despite the oddity and obscure pairing.

And Slydexia is a bitch- thanks for weathering my fic despite. I'm honored. <3
Yup, 'born and raised in Western Washington-- I've had a lifelong love affair with this city. ^__^

A silly and tumultuous career? Now I'm curious! Me, I'm a public servant for the Port of Seattle... I work down at Seatac Airport (and yet, the commute back to Seattle is still worth it... I play lots of MGS Portable Ops on the bus <3).

Kojima does leave a lot of loose ends and ambiguity, and not enough people take advantage of it. I find it SO much more interesting to read a plausible shadow plot, as you put it, than an AU for convenience's sake. Your story makes me think about the characters on a deeper level and go, "Hmm yanno, that could have happened, Kojima never explained that!" And I love it.

I also love how you take your time in development. It does not inspire impatience for me in the slightest, it draws me in and keeps me watching intently. I almost cried when Volgin offered Ivan the dog as a pet, and the story behind all that... and how much it unsettled the Major. Emotional payoff indeed, I couldn't help but ACHE from Raikov's entire backstory. ;o; I yearn for that interpersonal exposition.

I don't think I'm quite a genre fan nor a literature fan, but being an artist, I do love texture and depth! I wouldn't change a thing (tho I would love a glossary for the Russian language parts). I hope to find some free time to illustrate a few parts of your fic (or should I say glorious novel? <3)... if you don't mind. It has painted such pretty images in my head that I'm dying to get them out on paper; it's been so long since I've been inspired to draw much of anything, so it's exhilerating~

Anyway, it's very nice to meet you, thank you for taking the time to reply. ^__^
Hey cool! I have kind of a weird fascination with airports in general. I find them oddly cozy, especially at night. I guess that's because I spend a lot of time there. I'm an opera singer, and I travel around to audition a lot, as well as going home to visit my family in Finland.

Dude, I love your art! You have talent, both with contour and composition. It's so uncontrived, which is rare, lemme tell you.

It would thrill me no end if you found time to illustrate some scenes. When I'm done with the...uh, well let's not kid ourselves, it's a novel...I was going to have it hard bound with art plates, for the people who've been cool enough to read along.

If you want to throw some pieces in, it would be EPIC. lol And also kind of liberating, because it wouldn't be "sequential", just standalone art pieces evoking a particular scene.

Anyway, are you on IM? We should chat about nothing in particular. I'm shovelthatevil. Hit me up if you want!

(Oh, and I notice you like Adam Copeland. This shows excellent taste on your part. XDDD)

I'm so happy to see you reading this fic. ♥ IT IS AWESOME ISN'T IT. Heap more praise on Nico, maybe the chapters will come faster. ♥ ♥ ♥

*wiggles her fingers at imre_nico*
Well, while I could babble on and on about how much I love the story and all that... No, I really couldn't. I can't say nice things like that to save my life. No matter how much I want to. (Because I really, really do. Trust me on this.) Let me just say it's fantastic and leave it at that. Deal? Deal.

So since you're in the area, will you by any chance be at Sakura-Con this year? Because I'd love to meet you in person, because you're so awesome, grovel worship etc. Yeah. Okay, I'll shut up now.
Ha! Ok, confession time...I've only been to one con in my life (I think it was Norwescon), on a date with a punkrocker when I was like 16, and I had no idea what it was or where we were going, and I got hit on by some guy in a loincloth who set his junk on my hand while I had it resting on a table at a booth.

However, people keep telling me I need to give it another shot. XD

Is it fun? Like, for real?

I'm really happy that you enjoyed reading it- honestly, that is the best part of writing anything. Hopefully I get back on track soon, schedule permitting.
Definitely. I've been to Sakura-Con twice, and they were easily two of the best experiences of my life. (Yeah, I know, cliche much, but I'm totally serious.) I can't really go into detail - like I said before, I'm terrible with words - but yeah, it's a lot of fun.

Also, there's a decent-sized MGS3 cosplay group going this year. With at least one Ocelot and two Raikovs, if all goes as planned.

Seriously, if everything pans out, I'd say it's worth it just for that. :P
I really like the turn the story has taken in these last chapters. Volgin has such a dynamic presence, mostly due to good writing I'm sure. I've found a lot of writers really can't pull him off convincingly, and the same thing goes for Raikov.

After it being just the Majors for so long it's really interesting to see them shift to accomodate Volgin.

Also, so sorry I haven't reviewed in like a year or something. I prefer to let a few (read: many) chapters pile up before I read so I have a good reason to skip classes. But fear not, still loving it!


Hi. I've been reading this fix and I am totally dying for an update! This has got to be one of the best written fanfics out there!