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The Vicious Pet

a Raikov/Ocelot fanfiction

The Vicious Pet: a Raikov/Ocelot slash fanfiction.
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This is the LJ home of the ongoing serial Metal Gear Solid 3 fanfiction The Vicious Pet by imre_nico, (also known as Auntarctica on FF.net). It features the unconventional pairing of Major Ocelot and Major Ivan Raikov, (as well as some Volgin/Raikov).

After 37 chapters, and 70 000 words, this fic was banned from the "Pit of Voles" for violating the no-porn TOS; so I'm posting all past chapters here, as well as all further chapter updates. It will also eventually be found on its own website, along with a gallery of the fanart I've been fortunate enough to receive.

Hopefully all of the readers who have been following it will find their way here, as well as any new readers who appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a little Major/Major.

This is an NC-17 fic, containing explicit sex between men, explicit language, and words often comprised of more than two sylllables.

For ease of navigation, all chapters will be indexed by number in the memories section. (below)

Please feel free to comment, join, and contact.


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