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Volgin's Day Out

June 2009

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Mischka ...

imre_nico in the_vicious_pet

I'm back, and this time I'm staying.

Words in a few days. The story goes on.



\o/////////// ♥
Glad to see you back!
Are you here too?! XD I did a check on your user info to be sure and you also like Final Fantasy!

I love it, even though the only games I'm familiar with are VII, VIII, X (and X-2), and XII. ♥

Just out of curiosity, where else have you run into me? :)
On Merci's journal, we have her as a mutual friend. See you there too. :D
Oh, okay. I seem to run into a lot of people who I have mutual friends with. :D
Welcome back!!!!
Yay! She returns. ^__^ I'm super excited to see new chapters. Can't wait for the newest installment of awesome. ^_~
Glad to have you back! ^___^
Whee! Welcome back!
I got myself a LJ account so now I can comment so no more lurking.
Can't wait to see what Volgin does next.:D
I am very late but i just wanted to tell you that I love this fic. You keep me from working because I could't stop reading the whole thing. I am so tempted to draw some fanart for you xD

Greetings and love from germany, your style is so great.
Hey, How are you doing?

I don't mean to pressure you or anything, I'm just wondering... do you plan on finishing writing 'The Vicious Pet' when you get some free time to spend on it or you lost the inspiration/motivation/interest in it?

Again, I don't mean to pressure you, I just came over to see if there was something new I missed somehow and I saw this post dated to almost a year ago and I got curious.

I remember that you said you had big plans for this one, you wanted to go through the game and went so far as to mention something about a scene or two involving the game sequel, MGSOPs or something, I can't remember the name...

Well, that's all I wanted to ask.

I hope things are going well with you and you are fulfilling your dreams.

My best wishes!


Omg! This is one of the greatest written fanfics I've ever read! Your writing style is epic! Royce made the characters so 3d I can't wait for an update, hope it's soon.


...I've just noticed that I put Royce insytead of what I actually ment... Stupid auto correct on my mobile keeps messing up my writing...
hello there.
i found this fic due to some digging in the internet, and wow.
over three years has passed since this update. what happened?
its a shame not seeing such a great fanfiction finished.
you even seemed to have such big plans.
oh, well i had fun reading this. it was thoroughly enjoyable.
best wishes.
Hey - thank you so much for reading and commenting, despite the unfortunate cliffhanger. Honestly, it bothers me that this fic is unfinished as well. I wound up writing a number of original novellas and kind of lost traction on fandom stuff. Now I'm working on a full novel set in 1948, so the research and writing has been eating up the majority of my time.

However I am finishing an unfinished DMC fic that I left undone several years ago, so after that maybe I can gather my notes and get back into TVP.


Sorry, I don't normally comment on anything but I really just wanted to say that this is literally my favorite fanfic. Your writing style is amazing and memorable, and I check back everyday in hopes of seeing an update. I'm glad to hear that your working on your own stuff, and I wish you the best with it!
Thank you so much for the great story, and if you ever decide to come back to it, I'll be here.
Lots of love from someone that admires your work a lot,
Hello to the author!

I found this fic from someone discussing the EVA=Raikov theory on another website and was curious to see Raikov paired with someone other than Volgin. And I ended up reading all the chapters in two days!! There are so many things I appreciate about this fic like:

- Your take on Volgin and Raikov's dynamic, with some plot surprises along the way
- Learning about Russian culture :P
- Exploring things that weren't in the games but in a way that fits their style, like Ocelot's psychic potential
- The super hot sex scenes ofc
- Fleshing out minor characters and making them fun to read about

And some other things that aren't coming to mind right now. It would have been really cool to see it tie into Snake Eater (and not just because Raikov would be jealous of Snake ;D) but I'm just happy you shared as much as you did.