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Volgin's Day Out

June 2009

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Halcyon rawk days

imre_nico in the_vicious_pet

Ok, cool- if you guys are still into it, then so am I. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't inflicting verbiage if everyone had moved on. lol

Hell, I planned out this whole arc through Snake-eater. I'd feel like a douche if I didn't finish.

Give me a few days to finish up and we're off to the races.



Re: Oh, Come on Now!

Hey you're right -_-
I mean Major Ocelot was carrying around a mousetrap (curious as to why) but Raikov should have his own item as well.

Anyway, glad that you are gonna continue the work. I cannot wait until you post the next chapter.
I got to see this till the very end, I'm so curious to see what you'll do with it.

Just wanna ask something, this fic started way before the game, plan to go through the game, but is it going further? After all, there is a game that continues it, Metal Gear OPs or whatever. Never got to play it.
I never played it either- but I know some of what it suggests, and it can fit pretty easily.

I think TVP might touch on some of that, and not to spoiler things too much, but I actually have a companion piece written in that middle period the canon doesn't talk about much, where Ocelot is in his thirties.
DUDE I srsly love this story. I would read any update. ANY TIME. D:

/raging fangirl eh what

Also i love how it's been getting steadily more plot-centric? I love the smut and the relationship dynamics, but I'm actually excited that there's a story I look forward to seeing 'what happens next' as much as if not more than 'what awkward situations can they have sex in'. :D
Well, I'm here until the end, even if that takes twenty years. XD I just hope you'll be able to keep an interest in writing it. No offense meant; I mean, I don't know you, so that might have sounded rude. XD It's just that it's rare for the fans to drop interest in a series before the creator does.